A word about Flavors…

Each day we offer 4 flavors and we change them each week! We have an ever increasing vault of over 100 flavors!

Why only 4?  Because, unlike the others that use pre-packaged mixes, we make our frozen yogurt onsite from scratch each day using local dairy and fresh flavors. It’s a labor of love and you will taste the delicious difference!

We feel it’s best to offer 4 locally crafted flavors!

Now serving Dairy Free Vegan Options!!

One size does not fit all!

We are a full service store and we charge by the cup size NOT by weight. Our cup sizes are Mini, Small, Medium, Large and Pint.  

And….. Always ask your server for samples!

And the Toppings…..
Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop at yogurt.  We offer fresh hand cut fruit and unique, high quality and every changing dried toppings to complement our frozen yogurt.  We use toppings from local farms and artisans whenever possible.

Complimentary sauces, local honey and other toppings available at the front bar.

There’s more……

We offer natural sodas, juices and other drinks that are as unique as our frozen yogurt!

Gift cards from $5 and up!


Please inform your server if a member of your party has a food allergy.